- Migration to the coast

For thousands of years the Sami and their reindeer have migrated along the same route, from the interior of Finnmark to the coastal islands on the Norwegian Sea. This unique adventure will enable you to enjoy nature like you have never done before. The snow covered Tundra and the ever changing light is breath taking and will provide the guest photographer with magical opportunites, especially if the northern lights come out to play. The wide open expanse might even make you feel like you are walking on clouds. You will soon find yourself so immersed in what the reindeer do that perhaps for the first time in your life, your day will not at all depend on time.

- Family and friends live together in tents during the spring migration

Like in any of our experiences we don't have itineraries as everything happens in nature's speed. The Sami reindeer spring migration is a unique tradition in which the reindeer move from winter pastures to summer pastures. The Sámi and the guests joining the migration move on snowmobiles while following the reindeer.

This is a true slow down experience. There is a saying that the Sámi walk with the reindeer. The reindeer are semi-domesticated animals and the migration goes on reindeers' will as they are migratory animals that Sámi people follow. Sometimes the reindeer can stop in one place for a few days and other times they can move faster.

- Heading north

Guests will arrive at the Alta airport and be welcomed by our guides with a small welcome ceremony. A traditional Sámi lunch will be served before the adventure begins.

Guests and guides will drive to the reindeer herd on the first day, with car and then snowmobiles. The ride will last for about 2 hours in total. Upon arrival at the reindeer herds current location, we will set up lavvos and make traditional Sámi food for dinner.

Our accommodation for the next 5 days will be in traditional Sámi lavvos (tents) with sleeping bags on reindeer skins. The tents are warmed up with fuel ovens. You will have your own guide, and the use of a snowmobile.

The reindeer are migrating every day during this adventure and they set the pace. This means that we are following the herd and making a new camp every day during your stay.

When the reindeer allow it, you will have the opportunity to live off the land - that includes ice fishing, skiing, and moving around in sleds pulled by reindeer.

At the end of this adventure, we will offer our guests to stay overnight in a hotel in Alta before travelling home.

- Fishing on ice


The Sámi reindeer spring migration is an annual tradition which takes place in April / May according to each Sámi family's traditions. One Sámi family can only take max. 5 guests at the same time. Travelers can join 6-day migration on the following dates:



28.04.- 03.05.2019



  $ 2990 per person (5 nights, 6 days). The price includes pick-up and returns from/to Alta, local transport (car, snowmobile), accommodation in a tent, food & beverages, warm outwear clothing (overalls, hat, mittens, and boots).


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- Spring migration route 260 km

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